Sunwing Offers

Upgrade your holiday

Bed only guests:

From bed only to breakfast                                     70,00 €  per adult /day

From  bed only to All Inclusive                                430,00 €  per adult /week

From bed only to Sunwing All Inclusive                    265,00 €  per person/week

 From bed only to Kitchen Inclusive                         265,00 €  per person/week

Bed & Breakfast guests:

From bed & breakfast to Sunwing Inclusive               201,79  €  per person/week
From bed & breakfast to Kitchen Inclusive                 201,79   €  per person/week

From bed & breakfast to All Inclusive                        366,79   €  per person/week


Sunwing Inclusive Guests

From Sunwing Inclusive to All  Inclusive              182.99  €  per person/week

Andrea's Kitchen Inclusive Guests

From Kitchen Inclusive to All Inclusive                182.99  €  per person/week

Sunwing All Inclusive includes the following:

All meals in Sunwing and all meals in Buffét Restaurant.

Snacks in Snack Bar by the pool and All Inclusive beverage Lime Bar.


For more information please contact Help Desk.