Personal Trainer at Sunwing Sandy Bay Beach

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Personal Trainer Lina

About Me
My name is Lina, 21, and a personal trainer at Sunwing. I've always been active and fell in love with gym and fitness a few years ago. I chose to be a PT because I enjoy helping people achieve their best. Teaching my passion, fitness, is the highlight of my job. My aim is to boost confidence in the gym and find joy in exercising.

My Training Philosophy
As a personal trainer, I am quite strict and decisive, so I push quite hard if the person I'm training with needs or wants motivation. I'm also very kind, and I want us to have as much fun as possible when we train together. For me, it's important that you feel comfortable with what we're doing, which is why I appreciate having an open dialogue with each other.

I look forward to our training sessions together. See you soon!