Sustainable tourism and development are of the greatest importance to us. We work pro-actively to minimize the negative impacts of tourism while elevating the positive effects. We always strive to embrace sustainability in all parts of our business and engage our staff and partners.

Certifications & Collaborations

All Sunwing Family Resorts are certified with Travelife Gold Award, an internationally recognized sustainability program for hotels and travel industry to improve their business's environmental, financial and social impact.

☆ In addition, Sunwing Family Resorts in Europe have been awarded the Blue Flag, one of the world’s most recognized awards, for their quality management, water safety and maintenance of their coastal environment and beaches.

EU Ecolabel is Europe’s official environmental label that aims at helping consumers easily identify products less damaging to the environment. Sunwing Family Reosrts is the first hotel brand awarded the EU Ecolabel in countries where its resorts are present including Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Thailand and Turkey.

Learn more about Travelife and EU Ecolabel here and Blue Flag here

Reducing Plastics

We work actively to reduce the amount of plastic in our own hotels, aviation and offices. By the end of 2020, Nordic Leisure Travel Group should have removed 70 million disposable plastic items.

Save Our Planet

Be our environmental hero! We can take small steps that altogether make a huge difference:

Turn off the lights and a/c by removing the key card from the slot whenever you are not in the room to save energy.

Re-use your towels and bed linens and help us significantly reduce our electricity, detergent and water usage!

Turn off the tap. If 500 guests turn the tap off when brushing their teeth, we’ll save about 50 000 litres of water per week.

 Check out the information in your bathroom on how to further save water and laundry. You can take many valuable actions even on holiday.

Use the recycling bins in your room, as well as the recycling stations around the property. And don’t forget to take your plastic items with you from the beach to avoid them ending up in the ocean.

Social Responsibility

Sustainability is to ensure that our needs are met without jeopardizing the future of the communities we work in. However, it includes more aspects than just the environment. To us, it means conducting our business in a responsible manner.

We also engage our colleagues, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders in our efforts to ensure sustainability is underlined in all aspects of our business. To fulfill our social responsibility, we have chosen to focus on key areas such as:

• Providing the best possible working conditions
Protecting children

For children in need

SOS Children’s Villages gives orphaned and abandoned children all over the world a home, a family and education. It is an international organization that is politically and religiously independent. The organization was founded after the Second World War and they help more than one million people worldwide.

All Sunwing Family Resort’s establishments support SOS Children’s Villages and you can also make a contribution by leaving your local currency in the collection box at Help Desk. If you would like to make a long-term commitment, you can become a monthly sponsor. Your small change can make a big change!

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Sustainability Report

☆ For details of our sustainability initiatives in different areas, please download our sustainability report